The fabric guide

We're making it easy to select the best fabric for your upholstery item. Peruse our fabrics below, order free swatches to try at home or connect with our Design Crew.

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Plain weaves

Classic in their simplicity, these tightly woven fabrics are versatile and all-around timeless.


Rich in color and with a bit of shine, these plush fabrics are all about comfort and easy livability.

Textured weaves

With raised weaves and unique color variations, textured fabrics add dimension and character.


Find the best pattern for your space like floral prints or geo graphics.

View our assortment of upholstery colors, including modern neutrals and statement-making hues.



Our performance fabrics are water- and oil-repellant to help fight stains and ideal for families and/or pets. Many are also Contract Grade.

The wood guide

Our wood finishes offer unique depth, natural textures and accentuate the beautiful woodgrain underneath. Pick from room-brightening white or striking black to warming neutrals and complementary hues.

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Light wood

Our light contemporary finishes vary in tone, ranging from cool and airy to warm and earthy.

Medium wood

Rich in color and classic in feel, our medium finishes are versatile and go with anything.

Dark wood

Dark finishes give your furniture a dynamic look, for bold pieces that stand out.