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Furniture Sale

Designing your dream room is a mixture of intuition and creativity. Sometimes you pick up a wonderful idea from a photo or after reading an online article. Other times, it just washes over you – you fall in love with a couch or a bed from the second you see it. From there, the possibilities seem to pour into your head. You can’t wait to add light fixtures, wall decor and floor coverings to highlight your original creation. At west elm, our goal is to help make those brushstrokes of your imagination into a reality. You bring the inspiration, and we offer the pieces you’re looking for. Our furniture is expressive and distinctive, so finding pieces that stand out to you is a breeze. And with a furniture sale, you can scoop up your favorite pieces and decorate to your heart’s content.


How big a role does furniture play in interior design? Well, that depends somewhat on your style and the kind of furniture you choose, but pieces like sofas, sectionals and chairs usually have a major impact on a space. Large pieces can really set the tone for the rest of the room. For example, if you want your living room to have a strong feel of prohibition-era cocktails and velvet, a tufted-leather chesterfield sofa goes a long way towards making that happen. The type of larger table you use in the dining room creates an ambience that is modern, traditional, industrial or rustic, too.


What about accent furniture like side tables, console tables and armoires? Do they affect the way a space looks? Definitely. You decide how much. Some accent pieces complement the rest of the room’s furniture. They melt softly into the background, adding depth to your furniture layout. This layered design can surprise you – and your guests – because everywhere you look there are interesting elements to enjoy. Placing a pair of end tables beside a sofa-and-chairs grouping fills in empty spaces and gives you a spot for colorful plants, intriguing sculptures and any other kind of decor that matches your room theme.


On the other hand, sometimes you want your coffee table or side table to grab lots of attention. This is especially the case in minimalist or art deco styles. Neutral furniture tones take set the background tone, while a marble-topped pedestal or glass table shines. These brilliant accent tables can stand alone or draw your eyes to a tabletop vignette.


Should you start from scratch when designing your dream room? Or is it alright to add pieces as you go? That’s totally up to you. Each method has certain benefits. If you start from scratch, you have time to decide beforehand what elements you want to highlight – maybe a really bold couch in red or yellow – and how. You know exactly how to layer everything, from the type of rug to use underneath to the kind of wall decor that fits what you picture in your imagination. This can be awesome if you’re focusing on a minimalist atmosphere where less is more. Every piece is powerful and has a carefully chosen spot.


Other people like to add favorite furniture selections over time. It’s almost like building a personal art collection. And this is a great way to decorate. It gives spaces a warm and intimate feel – you’re letting visitors see parts of your personality, your travels and the way your mind works. Does your living room armchair have to be the same shape or texture as a sofa or sectional? Not at all. Feel free to combine leather accent furniture with upholstered pieces any time you want. Guests feel comfy and relaxed in this type of layout.


The important thing is to express your design vision. If the rest of your bedroom revolves around French chic – with a tufted headboard or elegantly pleated sheets – a mirrored bedside table or dresser fits beautifully. A floor mirror beside the bed illuminates things even more. Reflective surfaces are fashionable both because they let you see your outfit from every angle and because they’re clean and elegant.