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Desk Chairs

Whether you work from home in a completely solitary type of way or your home office is a place where you welcome in clients, vendors and associates, having the right home office setup helps raise your productivity, feel comfortable in your workspace and makes you glad to work from home. One of the most important pieces to add to your home office setup is your desk or office chair. Not only do you want it to blend in with your mid-century and modern furniture, it’s comfort over style at the end of the day. Browse west elm for the wide selection of different types of desk chairs we offer to make your home office a comfortable sanctuary.

If you’re looking for a particularly luxurious type of desk chair, recliner chairs are a perfect idea. With soft materials, such as faux and real leather, look for an armchair that lets you lean back, relax and swivel and move about your desk space. Available in a large variety of colors, choose wheeled, stationary or swivel chairs for seating comfort. There are also many other types of mid-century modern chairs from which to choose, such as high-back chairs, lounge chairs and chairs that visitors and guests can use in your home office.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal desk and a comfortable desk chair, it’s now time to decide on decor, setup and arrangement. One of the first rules of thumb when it comes to your home office space is that you’re comfortable working in it. Surround yourself with objects, sculpture, art and other pieces that truly make you happy. If you are still looking for elegant wall accents, round mirrors add a nice touch. Look for an assortment of round mirrors comprised of different sizes, or choose a large, round mirror that offers you and guests a perfect mirror image throughout the day. You may also want your home office to be on the bright side, particularly on a dreary day. Lighting accents, such as mid-century lamps, work well to blend in with your current look while providing adequate light to work and read by. If you have a larger home office, you may want to mix and match table lamps with floor lamps or sconces, ensuring that there’s adequate lighting in all corners of the room.