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Modern Desks

If you’re enamored with clean mid-century modern design, bring its airy look into your home office. Mid-century modern design is meant to create order and minimize the fuss, and it may even inspire you to work more efficiently to keep your space clutter-free. Let our mid-century modern enthusiasts at west elm help you determine which configuration and size desk is best for your needs, whether you run a home business, bring home work or simply need a little spot on which to charge your devices and write a thank you note. The beauty of mid-century modern designed pieces is that they’re simple and slim enough to be used anywhere in the home for various uses and pieces can be integrated into any style decor to add a fresh look to a room.

Simple Desks

Mid-century design desks are sleek enough to fit in anywhere. Move a spacious mobile metal kitchen cart-style desk on caster wheels to where you need it. Make an industrial-style desk crafted from luscious mango wood the focus of your home office. Or, with just the push of a button, turn an adjustable height work surface into a standing desk. Standing desks typically have a height range from a seated 30" to a standing height of 42" for comfort.

Choose from variations of mid-century design desks, from reclaimed wood, lacquer tops, richly veined marble or sparkling glass tops to fit your elegant and refined tastes. Mid-century modern desks are versatile enough and beautiful with architecturally inspired legs and bases to be used as console and sofa tables when not in use as work surfaces. Or, integrate pieces into your shared family space where you can work and relax at the same time.

Modular and Corner Desks

Start with a corner desk or L-shaped desk and move up to a full workspace by adding organizing your desk with storage pieces. A corner desk may look petite, but it often has more surface than expected, many with depths of nearly 30" that take advantage of otherwise forgotten space. Begin your work-at-home odyssey with any of the many rectangular or square work surfaces and add on to them with towers and ladder shelves in uncomplicated materials, from metal to marble and lacquer finishes to natural mango wood and more, that all complement one another even when arranged in a room side by side.

Ladder and Wall Desks

For an unexpected and architecturally distinctive workspace, consider a ladder or wall desk inspired by Scandinavian modernism. Beautifully angled legs hold workspace, drawers and shelving depending on your chosen configuration and width from slim to wide. Pair a ladder desk with coordinating ladder-style book shelves to create a modular home office set up with extra storage and display space. Ladder desks are meant to fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing functionality. A ladder desk system is typically about 19" deep with various widths and heights to accommodate your space. A wall desk is about an inch deeper to hold a slightly larger work surface and drawer space.

Mini Desks

Tuck a small pie-shaped desk into a compact corner, a modern mini-secretary desk or a mini-Parsons desk on a sliver of wall space to create a productive work nook. Even tiny desks, many with widths of approximately 30" to 36", are packed with storage space, shelves and drawers. When not used for work, put any empty space in your home to good use with a mini-desk turned multipurpose vanity, bedside table or even a mail-catcher.

Mid-century modern furniture is beloved for many reasons, from nostalgic ties to its uncomplicated purity of design. Whatever your reason for appreciating the sleek silhouettes of modern furniture, embrace it with office pieces that draw their style cues from that era.