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Modernize Your Kitchen Furniture

Explore the charm of a postmodern kitchen when you upgrade your kitchen furniture. Most homes already have the basics -- a table and a few chairs if there's room, a bar with stools in an updated space -- but you can get creative with new takes on the classics. Show off your style with new kitchen furniture made for the modern cook and host.

Creating New Kitchen Classics

New kitchen classics reflect your lifestyle. Even if you already have a dining table you love, it's important to have a casual or more intimate area where you can dine quickly during breakfast or mix up drinks with friends before going out at night.

  • Kitchen islands make space for meal prep, but they also double as the perfect place to stand up and snack while catching up on phone tasks or a handy surface to lay out snack platters when entertaining.
  • Bistro tables work alongside a bigger dining table -- or replace it entirely if you live on your own.
  • Savor coffee, enjoy a meal for one or create a station with plates and cups during a buffet dinner with friends.
  • Bar carts can hold more than just spirits. Use the apron shelf to hold bottles and the top shelf for bar service or as a convenient place to drop drinks while chatting and getting ready to go out.

Versatile Uses for Your Kitchen Island

Once reserved for luxurious homes with lots of space, islands are now a versatile, accessible way to add style and modernity to your place. Rely on a kitchen island in a chic apartment or home to handle the work of prep counters, dining tables, a bar counter and more.

  • Meal prep can happen right on the surface of the island, depending on its top, or on cutting boards you can spread out over an expansive area.
  • Dining can be slapdash when you're in a hurry or languorous when you gather friends around each side and pass dishes.
  • Storage is easy with islands. The combo of an island and a bar cart or cabinet is an incredibly hip kitchen furniture combo. There's space for everything, yet you can still dine or imbibe right there.

Consider the layout of your home and decide which unique kitchen furniture situation is best for your home. You'll find right away that you've updated more than your furniture -- you've upgraded your lifestyle.