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Indoor Benches

The word bench conjures up all sorts of beautiful images. At west elm, we envision a bench as one of the smartest, most stylish and versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever have in your home. Our indoor benches have a mid-century modern elegance about them which makes them fuss-free and streamlined enough to fit right into any decor without missing a beat. Let us help you decide where to use one or more of our benches in your home.

How to Use a Bench in a Bedroom

The bench is one of your bedroom’s best friends. Various styles and configurations can be used at the end of your bed as a seat or by the side of your bed as a nightstand. Here are a few tips on how to use a bench in the bedroom:

Contrast: Upholstered headboards or upholstered beds look good when contrasted with wood, metal or mixed material benches at the end of the bed.

Size: A bench at the end of the bed is typically narrower than the width of the bed. Most people aim to have at least 6 inches of bed showing on both ends of the bench.

Mix-and-Match: Coordinate a bench with your night stand. Choose the same material, color or style. An oval upholstered bench at the end of the bed looks elegant when coordinated with oval or round bedside tables, for example.

Benches in the bedroom don’t always have to be used just at the end of the bed. A short bench or mixed material storage bench with drawers works beautifully as a nightstand or as extra seating placed up against a wall, too.

How to Use a Bench in an Entry

Any type of bench, upholstered, hard surface or storage, enhances the functionality of a front or back entryway. Maximize space with an entryway bench that is designed with two drawers and topped with an optional cushion for extra seating. A long, tufted or upholstered box frame bench has plenty of room underneath for storage bins or baskets to create a complete entry in a small footprint. If you have many coats and a blank wall, consider an open, airy coat rack with shelving, hooks and a bench for seating. Entryways are notorious for attracting clutter, but any bench will help you quickly organize that sliver of space.

How to Use a Bench in a Dining Room

You may have seen dining room table sets with bench seating. If you’re having more people around your table than you have chairs, grab your bench and fit more guests. Upholstered benches are comfortable enough for long periods of seating. It’s an ideal configuration if you’re having families with small children around your table; letting them sit together on a bench can make things easier during the meal.

Where to Use a Low Bench

A low upholstered bench can be anything you want it to be, from a lounge seat to a coffee table, or even an extra guest bed, whenever the need arises. Throw a twin mattress topper and sheets over the padded bench and your overnight guest will be comfy as ever. Some styles of benches have auxiliary back supports and cushions that can be attached to transform it into a full-fledged sofa.

Gathering friends for movie night in your living room? Pull up a low bench without a back or sides and use the ample surface as a coffee table with a serving tray to keep drinks and snacks accessible and stable.

Another way a bench can help around the house is when it’s strategically placed as a room divider in an open floor plan that needs a visual border around a seating area. Who knew that a simple piece of furniture could be so useful around the house?