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Turn the chore of organizing your things into a simple task with the right bedroom furniture for your needs. Be the champion of organization and store your clothes in stunningly designed bedroom dressers from the selection available at west elm. These industrial dressers are crafted from sustainable materials like reclaimed wood. This supports your earth-conscious lifestyle while adding a stylish urban flair to your bedroom decor. These storage vessels come in three- to eight-drawer dresser styles. Wondering if the dressers match your other furnishings? These pieces come in colors and finishes to complement the color scheme in almost any room.

Want a perfectly matched look for your bedroom furniture? Match your chest of drawers to a charming platform bed frame. These bed frames come with chunky or narrow legs in different heights to give you the look and the perfect height for climbing in and out of bed. Alternatively, choose a low-slung style with no visible legs for an ultramodern, casual effect. Platform bed frames create a clean, simple look. Choose a headboard that matches the bed frame, your dresser and nightstand or even your curtains for a themed effect.

Not in the mood to create your own mix and match bed frame and headboard set? No problem. Browse through the selection of modern bed frame and headboard combos. This lets you see what the bed looks like when set up. It also makes it easy to picture how the will bed look when surrounded by artwork and covered with a thick, plush duvet and throw pillows. These bed frame and headboard sets are crafted to pair beautifully with matching dressers, side tables and wardrobes. Finishes range from polished metals to reclaimed wood and upholstered pieces that add a soft layer of cushioning to all exposed surfaces.

Create a soothing, familiar sleep space with retro-chic mid-century bedroom furniture. These pieces have a 1950s- and 1960s-inspired flair with modern touches that bring the look up to date. Features like mirrored surfaces, geometric patterns and low profile handles on dressers pair with accessories that also add that cozy mid-century touch to the room. Choose monochromatic pieces like a beige linen upholstered frame under a macramé wall hanging. You can also take advantage of contrasting colors with dark wood furniture in an otherwise pastel or white room. Things like dimensional wall art, paintings and dramatic pendant lighting add to the effect. So, fluff up the pillows on your cozy platform bed and grab a book from the nightstand to enjoy while relaxing at the end of the day.