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Bedrooms should be the most comfortable and soothing place in your home. It is supposed to be an area where you and your family members can always find respite to recover from a stressful day at work or school. With this in mind, make sure that your bedroom always has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere whenever you are adding or replacing furniture, installing new fixtures or are redesigning the entire room altogether. Choosing the right bedroom furniture from beds, headboards, nightstands, to dressers goes a long way in helping you infuse the room with a comforting vibe. Let west elm’s wide selection of bedroom furniture in various styles and designs inspire you in a host of ways to get it done.

The bed is the focal point in all bedrooms and is easily the most important furniture piece in the room. Since the bed instantly catches one’s attention upon entering the bedroom, the other furniture and design elements of the room should complement the bed in terms of style. For instance, a bed with a modern design should go well with a nightstand or an ottoman in a design theme that will complement the bed. Our beds are available in modern and contemporary designs, and in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

Since beds take up quite a bit of space, make sure to measure the area where you plan on setting it. Take into account the space that you need for you to move freely around the bed, as well as the space that you need for other furniture in case you are purchasing other bedroom furniture. Once you have the numbers, limit your search for beds that that fit just right into your space for it to save time. Check the dimensions of the bed, rather than the size of the mattress for it as some designs may have longer or wider bed frames than the standard mattress size for it.

What about headboards? Yes, you should also consider the width and height of the bed’s headboard if it comes with one or if you plan to buy one. Some headboards are unusually taller or wider than the bed itself. This design give beds a more dramatic appearance and an illusion of being larger than it is. Some headboards feature storage spaces, which in turn add about a foot to the length of the bed. Our offerings include decorative headboards and headboards with plush upholstery. Go with the latter if you want a comfortable backrest to lean against while watching TV or while enjoying a good book in bed.

If you have limited space in your bedroom, you can opt for our pull-out solutions, such as our day beds, futon sofas and sleeper sofas, which provide you with both sleeping and seating furniture. Sleeper sofas convert into full-size beds when you stretch them out, so check its dimensions in its full configuration to ensure that you have enough space for it. On the other hand, the width of day beds and futon sofas are also their length when in their full bed configuration. Daybeds come with pull-out trundles for extra bed space, while futon sofas have adjustable backrests to convert them from single to full beds.

For most people, nightstands are indispensable bedroom furniture. These pieces hold anything from night lamps, alarm clocks, your bedside book, mobile phone, chargers, etc. When choosing a nightstand for your bedroom, consider first the features that you want from one. Do you require ample storage space or just want it to hold a few items? Will it be more decorative than functional? After deciding what your primary requirements from a nightstand are, choose a design that is in harmony with the bed and the design theme of the bedroom. This also goes for the other bedroom furniture that you plan on replacing or adding to the bedroom such as dressers, chifforobes, benches or ottomans.