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Determine Your Style With Bedding Trends & Ideas

Sometimes, a little inspiration is all you need to transform the look of any bedroom in your home and West Elm features the latest bedding trends & ideas for you to use as inspiration. Fresh color schemes, captivating design details and unexpected elements can be seen throughout this curated design collection, taking the guess work out of getting that magazine-worthy bedroom at home.

Discovering the Best Bedding Looks For You

Each of these thoughtfully-curated collections pairs all the various items you'll need to dress your bed, starting with the sheets and ending with the decorative pillows that make the look so special. As you start to browse all the bedding trends & ideas in this collection, it's important to stop and think about a few key factors, such as:

  • Color Scheme: Evaluate the wall color and the finish on the existing furnishings in your room. As you start to look at different color options, create a color scheme that will complement the items in your bedroom you're still featuring. Often, the comforter or quilt will set the tone for the overall color scheme of the room. Because it is also one of the largest textiles in the space, it's important to get the color palette right from the start.
  • Overall Design Style: A second consideration is the overall design style of both the home and the bedroom. If your bedroom is more elegant in design, velvet-touch bedding will be a luxurious addition to the space. If your home has more of a modern farmhouse vibe, the casual comfort of organic cotton of flax linen bedding may be a more appropriate choice.
  • Texture: Jumping into bed after a long day should be an indulgently cozy experience. Check out the texture of each piece you're selecting and think about how they are going to feel. The best bedding collections mix-and-match various textures. A woven blanket draped across the foot of the bed offers a different feel than the comforter or duvet you select. Decorative pillows are a great way to introduce raised details, embroidery and trim.

Check out all the bedding trends & ideas available at West Elm to discover a set that will lull you off to an incredible night's sleep for many years to come. Once you've found the sets that will transform the look of your master, consider additional looks for guest rooms or children's spaces in your home, as well.