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White Bedding

Is there anything better than clean, pristine bedding? White is a go-to color for elegant bedding in luxury hotels all over the world, and you can bring some of that comfort and elevated simplicity into your own bedroom with west elm’s white bedding selections. From monochrome snowy white to white with some subtle color accents, we offer a variety of styles to choose from in this category. Focus on tranquility and quiet simplicity in your bedroom to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and sweet dreams. Pair a pearly white sheet set with a colorful duvet cover or build an entirely white bed with a variety of textural details to add interest and additional comfort.

Though this collection of white bedding options includes some color, we limit these selections to those offerings in our product line that feature a predominately white color palate. From printed sheets with just a touch of monochrome color accent to duvets and shams that feature multiple subtle colors on a stark white background, you can use this collection of white bedding to narrow down your options and focus on introducing just a small drop of color into your bed setup. You’ll be able to keep your decor priorities intact with ease by zeroing in on those elements that best fit with your taste.

In the absence of bright colors and busy patterns, texture is a major focal point. With white bedding available in everything from sumptuously smooth sateen to deliciously textured matelassé, you can focus on pale neutral colors (or lack thereof) while prioritizing the physical feel of your bedding. Texture enhances the touch-based aspects of your bedding, but it's also a great way to add subtle aesthetic variety to your room without modifying your desired neutral color scheme. White is anything but boring when you have the option to equip your bed with tantalizing textures and cloudlike softness.

Aside from selecting your bedding based on color and texture, you may be concerned about the materials that go into its manufacture. We offer organic white bedding options for you to consider in addition to our other excellent fabric choices. If you like to prioritize products that have a minimal adverse impact on the global environment, our organic sheets, comforters, quilts, blankets, bed skirts and duvets may help you sleep a bit easier. Organic fabric options in our white bedding category include 100 percent organic cotton selections that are Global Organic Textile Standard certified. You may even find that your organic bedding selection is certified as a fair trade product, enhancing its ethical credentials.

No matter what kind of bedding you prefer, if your goal is to create a tranquil, distraction-free environment for rest, relaxation and enjoyment, our white bedding may be the perfect choice. From crisp and smooth to soft and fuzzy, we offer a variety of different enjoyable textures that can suit your preferences not only for color but also for feel and comfort. Customize your bed according to your own priorities, making your shopping experience more efficient by focusing on the white bedding options in this section.

Whether you’re building an entirely new collection of bedding or you just want to add a new piece or two to your existing bedding arrangement, our white bedding options provide an excellent way to freshen up your routine. Add some color blocking or dashes of accent tones with our solid or printed bedding in shades such as blue or gray. If you want to keep your bedding as white as a fresh summer cloud, you‘ll certainly have the ability to make that happen with our generous range of bedding products.